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Government agencies

Dutch national government departments and agencies

Ministry of Economic Affairs
Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of the Interior
The Netherlands Court of Audit
Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl)

European insitutions

European Commission, DG KLIMA
European Commission, DG TRANS
European Commission, DG ENV
European Parliament

What does CE Delft do for local authorities?

The list below provides a selection of the studies and consultancy work that CE Delft has undertaken for local authorities.

  • Energy and climate policy
  • Heat supply
  • Backcasting
  • Energy consumers’ behaviour
  • Energy infrastructure policy
  • Smart grids
  • Sustainability index
  • Monitoring
  • Local renewable energy
  • Environmental Control Act
  • Transport and traffic policy
  • Electric transport
  • Economic impact analyses
  • Social cost-benefit analyses
  • Policy reviews
  • Route maps
  • Waste policy