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Environmental performance of LNG for different modes
Bettina Kampman, Small scale LNG Conference, Amsterdam, 11 december 2013
2030 goals and scenarios
Sander de Bruyn, IPO Vredenburg, Utrecht, 2 december 2013
Natural cork closures - a stopper on CO2 emissions? 
Harry Croezen, World Congress of Vine and Wine, June 2nd-7th 2013, Bucharest
The economics of airport expansion
Jasper Faber and Martine Smit, April 22, 2013
The need for structural reforms for carbon leakage and free allocation in the EU ETS. A quantitative assessment

Sander de Bruyn, European Climate Foundation, Brussel, 9 April 2013
Financial inventives in environmental policy making
Sander de Bruyn, Environmental Economics Seminar, IVM, 26 March 2013
Sustainable alternatives to land-based biofuels 
Bettina Kampman, Greenpeace Brussels, 28 January 2013
Integrated urban transport plans and cohesion policy
Wolfgang Schade, Bettina Kampman, Stefan Klug, Presentation to the European Parliament, 24 January 2013