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Energy in industry

Today, industries are increasingly using the carbon footprints of products and processes to steer their operations, in pursuit of increased sustainability and in response to customer demands, but also because of the potential for cost-saving and a stronger market position. With our expertise on industrial processes, supply chains and policy frameworks, and a solid network encompassing industries, government authorities and research institutes, CE Delft is well-placed to supports these goals and aspirations. The solutions we provide are robust as well as realistic. One of our strengths is our ability to identify the energy efficiency options available through inter-industry collaboration, a topic on which we have built up a wealth of experience in the Rijnmond industrial region.

With our extensive knowledge of relevant issues, we can identify innovative options that often prove surprisingly easy to realise and advise clients accordingly.

What can CE Delft do for you?

  • Auditing of supply chains and calculation of carbon footprints.
  • Identification of options to improve the environmental efficiency of supply chains.
  • Identification of potential options, including ‘out of the box’ options.
  • Support on policy development and implementation.
Our work focuses on four key issues:

1. Industrial pursuit of sustainability
We help industrial companies and trade associations realise their sustainability ambitions, with particular focus on the opportunities available in supply chains, i.e. the scope for reducing carbon footprints through improved resource efficiency (recycling, biomass) and high-quality use of today’s waste streams. Among the tools available for this purpose are Supply Chain Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment, with which we have many years of experience.

2. Energy efficiency, heat and cogeneration 
At individual production sites, too, there is often major scope for improved energy efficiency through inter-company collaboration . Combined heat and power generation, one of the key options in this regard, is losing ever more of its market share, so we sit round the table with corporate and government actors to discuss the conditions required for this potential to be realised. At the same time, heat grids are today on the rise and we support industries in linking up to them, on both the supply and demand side.

3. Biomass in industrial processes
In some industrial processes there is scope for large-scale use of biomass, and CE Delft is well-versed in analysing the environmental and economic impacts of such options. Among the issues we consider are feedstock availability, trends in cost price, carbon footprints and the ecological impact of harvesting and processing.

4. Effective national and regional policy
For businesses and industries seeking to improve the sustainability of their activities, government policy is obviously crucial. CE Delft sits down with government and industry to identify effective and realistic policy options based on secure corporate investment and yielding robust results.

Efficient energy use in ICT sector

Efficient energy use in the ICT sector is an issue that is rapidly gaining in importance. On this webpage CE Delft reports on the results of recent studies carried out for some of our clients.

Our clients

European Commission (DG CLIMA, ENER, ENV and TREN),Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl), Netherlands Petroleum Industry Association (VNPI), Netherlands Association of Chemical Industries (VNCI), Sabic, DSM, Dutch breweries, Vopak LNG Projects, AKZO Nobel, Energy Valley, RCI, Rotterdam Heat Company, Zuid Holland Provincial Executive, Zeeland Provincial Executive, DCMR Environmental Protection Agency, Netherlands Parliament, Netherlands Court of Audit, Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment.

Your contact

For more information,please contact Diederik Jaspers

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