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Harry Croezen

Harry Croezen
senior researcher/consultant

  • Renewable chemical feedstocks
  • Biofuels and energy from renewable resources
  • Cost-effectiveness calculations
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Decision models

The pursuit of sustainable development is a key motive for me to work at CE Delft, and continue to do so. I’ve always found ‘sustainable development’ a fairly common-sense notion. After all, in one’s everyday life with family and friends one also makes sure everything’s shipshape and treats one another with kindness and respect.

I joined CE Delft as a graduate chemical engineer 13 years ago and have since been supplying some of the technical and economic expertise that is part and parcel of the move towards sustainability. By means of technical assessments and research on renewable energy and resources, including biofuels, I lay out the options for more efficient energy and resource use and the transition towards a sustainable economy. In Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies and cost-effectiveness calculations, I compare the costs and environmental impacts of the current situation with those of more sustainable alternatives. In doing so I try and capture such diverse aspects as economic performance, environmental burden and ethical perceptions in numerical indicators and decision models.

In my areas of expertise I’ve carried out studies on a wide range of issues: packaging and packaging waste processing, biofuels production, power station design, emissions abatement (refineries, inland shipping, primary metals industry), optimised use of copper in cables, and waste disposal in geological depositories. In short, never a dull moment…

What inspires me in my work on sustainability at CE Delft, besides the goal as such, is above all our style of work and the force field in which it plays out. For our studies build not only on deskwork but also on dialogue – from data collection all the way through to transfer of new understanding to environmental policy-makers and other key actors in the environmental debate. Alongside theoretical work, then, I’m engaged with real people and the research I do on policy issues or tangible solutions for the environmental problematique gives my work a social relevance. With fantastic colleagues around you every day, and now and then a project principal who’s in for a drink at the end of the day, working for CE Delft is a pleasure in social terms too.

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