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Biogas utilization in the EU post-2020

24/05/2016 - On 20 May 2016, CE Delft and its partners Eclareon and Wageningen DLO held a stakeholder workshop in Brussels for the EU project ‘Biogas optimal use post-2020’. Among those attending were EU policy officials from DG ENER and DG AGRI, EU umbrella organisations active in biogas/biomethane and natural gas, and a number of organisations from member states involved in biogas/biomethane. At the workshop the initial results of the project were discussed, in particular the survey conducted in all 28 member states on a range of issues including incentives of relevance for biogas/biomethane production and barriers to development. The potential in 2030 of feedstocks relevant for digestion has also been reviewed. In addition, the biogas scenarios were presented that are to be analysed during the project using a model designed by CE Delft. Ultimately, at the end of 2016, the project will lead to an analysis of policy options for utilizing the biogas potential of the EU28 post-2020. The project was commissioned by EU-DG ENER.
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