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Bundled knowledge documents used for the 'vision on a sustainable fuel mix'

In the first half of 2014 an intensive programme was carried out with the aim of arriving at a consensus vision on a future sustainable fuel mix for the Netherlands. It was one of the actions deriving from the Energy Agreement on Sustainable Growth, established with input from a broad group of stakeholders and facilitated by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment.
The Ministry commissioned a consortium comprising TNO, ECN and CE Delft to support the process by providing specialist knowledge, through participation in roundtables and 'LEF-meetings' (organised by the ‘LEF Future Center’) and by providing answers to concrete questions. The latter came primarily from the various roundtables but also from the project principal.
This document contains all the knowledge documents written and distributed in the course of the programme. These documents, designed to serve as stand-alone information sources at the time, have now been collected together in a structured fashion.
More information on the Sustainable Fuel Mix Vision developed with LEF is available on the website of the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands: SER.

Authors CE

Harry Croezen
Huib van Essen
Jasper Faber
Bettina Kampman
Arno Schroten
Anouk van Grinsven
Maarten t Hoen

Helmond, June 2014

Bundled knowledge documents used for the ‘vision on a sustainable fuel mix’ (in Dutch only)


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