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Maarten Afman
Leon Korving (Aiforo)

Delft, May 2013 - 60 pag.

pdf The environmental footprint of mono-incineration of sewage plant sludge

This publication is only available in Dutch.

Erratum, July 5, 2017
In the course of a new life cycle assessment on the SNB process it came to light that the original report contains a calculation error on the environmental benefits of phosphate ore substitution with respect to savings relating to extraction and transport. Our latest understanding indicates that the measure ‘100% use of sludge incineration ash as a phosphate ore substitute’ has a favourable impact on the ReCiPe environmental footprint of -1 Pt/tonne sludge cake. This report was not updated for this error. In the new report for SNB ‘The environmental footprint of SNB sludge processing: 2015 and 2017 update’ (CE Delft, July 2017) this error has been rectified. This new report on the life cycle assessment of the SNB process is to be taken as definitive.