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Zuid-Holland degassing ban - An interim review

Consequences for required degassing capacity and hazardous cargos berths

On 1 January 2016 the Province of Zuid-Holland introduced a regulation banning inland shipping vessels on provincial waters from degassing to the atmosphere any substances containing more than 10% benzene, for the categories with UN codes 1267, 1268, 1863, 1993 and 3295. This CE Delft study estimates the likely effects of this ban, in particular with respect to required extra degassing capacity. Based on an earlier publication on shipping movements in the tanker sector and on multiple interviews with stakeholders in the sector, an assessment is given of likely required additional degassing capacity and berths for vessels carrying hazardous cargos.


Matthijs Otten
Maarten t Hoen
Diederik Jaspers

Delft, November 2015

Zuid-Holland degassing ban - An interim review (only available in Dutch)


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