CO2 tool for investments in European road infrastructure

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has commissioned CE Delft to develop a methodology with which the bank can assess the carbon footprint of the road infrastructure projects it is asked to invest in. Geographical scope and the extent to which new projects will attract new traffic are important determinants of that footprint. The bank was established in 1990 after the fall of the Berlin Wall. More information: Eelco den Boer

The burden of taxation and charges on transport

One of the reasons the European transport market does not have a level playing field are differences in taxation across transport modes due to uneven fiscal requirements and different levels of internalisation of external costs. As modal competition is often on international corridors with specific characteristics, the impact of transport taxes and charges on the level playing field between modes cannot been studied at the country level, but requires an in-depth analysis of transport activity on specific corridors. In this study for the European Commission, such an analysis has been conducted for twenty representative EU transport corridors for different means of transport. More information: Arno Schroten

Environmental impact of poultry litter

The BMC Moerdijk power plant processes one-third of Dutch poultry-litter output annually, generating 285,000 MWh of electricity in the process. The ash produced is applied as a fertilizer substitute. BMC Moerdijk asked CE Delft to compare the environmental impacts of thermal conversion of poultry litter at BMC Moerdijk with eight alternative processing methods, including digestion, composting and application of the raw litter on farmland. CE Delft has drawn up a mineral balance and carried out a life-cycle assessment (LCA). More information: Lonneke de Graaff

Opportunities and barriers for energy research

In many European countries the transition to a low-carbon energy system is proving difficult because of low data accessibility and compatibility. This study for the European Commission by Technopolis Group, CE Delft, AIT and Central Mining Institute will review how large datasets are currently managed in low-carbon energy projects and reviews the associated opportunities and barriers. These will be analysed in relation to several features of the datasets, viz. data availability, data dissemination and data usage. The study aims to develop a set of conclusions and recommendations on key areas where open datasets can be instrumental for future research and innovation. More information: Martijn Blom

Is the EU investing wisely in transport?

Transport & Environment (T&E) is keen to ensure that future EU contributions to transport (infrastructure) projects help decarbonise transport. T&E therefore wants to gain insight into the infrastructure projects the EU is currently (co-)funding and has commissioned CE Delft to review the ten largest EU contributions to individual transport (infrastructure) projects in specific areas for the period 2014-2020. The project scope will include new road and rail infrastructure, road and airport expansion and alternative fuels. More information: Dagmar Nelissen

Climate-neutral heating

The Netherlands’ built environment consists of around eight million buildings, including over seven million dwellings. In 95% of the latter, natural gas is currently used for heating, but to become climate-neutral they will need to switch to other heating systems. On this theme of moving beyond natural-gas heating in the built environment CE Delft has gathered together a broad group of experts and (energy) companies to come up with solutions and recommendations to make more tangible how households and building owners can be incentivized to transition from gas to other heating systems. The aim of the project is to assess, for the Netherlands, what local and national policies are likely to be most successful in achieving the required transition in this field by 2035 at the lowest cost to society. More information: Frans Rooijers