Hotel Footprint Model

We developed a Footprint Model for Amsterdam-based hotel chain Conscious Hotels. This allows Conscious to gather information about the environmental impact of all its hotels, identify hotspots for improvement and monitor progress on environmental targets annually. The environmental impact is transparent per year and per guest.

In the Footprint Model, we analyse how Conscious performs on its own six sustainability commitments:

  1. No Burning (100% electric power supply).
  2. No Tox (100% organic food and drinks, plastic diet, view composition stuff).
  3. Meat no Need (vegetables play a main role, meat is a more expensive supplement).
  4. Keep it Close (90% of food products from a 90 km radius around the hotels).
  5. Close the Cycle (reused/recycled stuff, Cradle-to-Cradle, certified natural products).
  6. Re Wild (plant trees, support conversion of agricultural land to nature, realise plants and greenery in hotels).

We perform all calculations and impact assessments according to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology. In doing so, we provide insights into four different environmental impacts:

  1. Carbon footprint.
  2. Land use.
  3. Toxicity.