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Eric Tol

Eric Tol
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Within the Mobility & Transport sector I work on a wide range of topics in the field of both passenger mobility and logistics. In recent years I have also built up a broad knowledge on these subjects. Most of the projects I work on focus on road transport. Examples of projects that I have worked on are the Outlook City Logistics, energy demand for electric passenger cars, charging infrastructure for freight transport, the process towards Zero-Emission Zones (SPES) and the analysis for the Dutch air passenger tax.

The projects we work on mainly contain complex issues in the field of data, policy and various stakeholders and require a systematic approach. My master study Management of Technology at the TU Delft provides me the theoretical knowledge to help me with this. My bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering gives me a technological basis. Analysing, drawing conclusions and formulating these in an understandable way, motivates me in my work.

My main expertise is in the following areas:

  • Transport and policy systems for electric transport
  • Freight transport, urban distribution and international transport
  • Technology and innovation management

Rapporten waar Eric Tol auteur is

Best practices towards zero-emission city logistics. List of current initiatives in the Netherlands – growth document
September 2020
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