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Hein-Bert Schurink

Hein-Bert Schurink
senior researcher/consultant
About Hein-Bert

Hein-Bert Schurink has been working at CE Delft since 2018 as project leader in the Sustainable Cities sector. Hein-Bert studied General Operational Technology at the Utrecht University of Applied Science and Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Twente. After graduating Hein-Bert worked for 2.5 years at Gastec, where he developed new certification systems and researched domestic gas appliances. He subsequently transferred to the Dutch trade organization for energy companies, where he was involved in supervising the joint research programme, was project manager of national grant programmes and promoted energy efficiency in the built environment, heat, gas, renewable electricity and electric vehicles. As a project leader Hein-Bert helps supervise a variety of projects in the Sustainable Cities sector.

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