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Jan-Willem Kanters

Jan-Willem Kanters
senior researcher/consultant
About Jan-Willem

After graduating as an econometrician, I spent the next 16 years developing, implementing and applying smart software, mainly with regard to HR (strategic personnel planning, wage cost simulations, collective bargaining, etc.) for larger employers in the Netherlands as well as with regard to media and marketing. During this period I became increasingly active as a volunteer with political organisations and think tanks with regard to sustainability, where I was inspired to start working with the circular economy by, among other things, reports by Ellen MacArthur in 2012.

Based on this, I decided to establish Cirkellab together with three colleagues, where we focused on putting the circular economy into practice in a ‘regional environment’ for municipalities, together with SMEs and/ or at business parks, developing solutions that can be implemented ‘tomorrow’ or in the short term.

In October 2023 I started working at CE Delft as a senior advisor/researcher, where I contribute to economic analysis in sustainability dossiers, long-term policy and look ahead to developments in the various sustainability transitions. Where vision, policy and practical experience come together in the feasibility and effectiveness of solutions to the growing challenges and aspirations with regard to sustainability.

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