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Johannes Bollen

Johannes Bollen
senior researcher/consultant
About Johannes

Expertise: Climate and environmental policy evaluation| Cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis | Economic modelling | Trade and environmental policy

I’m an economic researcher with a PhD from the University of Amsterdam with a dissertation on climate policy and trade. For a number of years I worked at the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) and various departments of the National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM), where I conducted research on climate and environmental policy. Since 2021 I’ve been working at CE Delft to strengthen the economic argument in sustainability issues and the energy transition.

I have experience with modelling the environment and the economy. I’ve used these models to design simulations and analyse them, endeavouring to get the results into accessibly written policy reports or even papers in scientific journals. I have plenty of experience submitting quantitative economic analyses to Dutch and European policymakers as well as to the IPCC.

Unsurprisingly, putting a price on polluting activities is a guiding principle in my work. My ambition is to provide economic arguments to stakeholders who support the environment and energy transition, and thus contribute to an efficient and effective as well as realistic approach to combatting climate change and environmental degradation.

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Carbon Take Back Obligation, an Economic Evaluation
June 2022
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