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Louis Leestemaker

Louis Leestemaker

A sustainable transport system requires clear regulation, availability of sustainable fuels, availability of the right information and the right financial incentives.

About Louis

I’m a researcher/consultant with CE Delft’s Mobility & Transport sector. The structural change needed for a sustainable transport system is the focus of my work. Clear regulation, the right financial incentives, availability of sustainable fuels and availability of the right information are all prerequisites for a sustainable transport system. By contributing to these prerequisites I help improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of current and future policy.

My work is focused on:

  • Impacts of structural sustainable transport policy
  • Data, models and tools
  • Electric transport and charging infrastructure

I have a Master’s degree in Theoretical Physics from Utrecht University, with a specialisation in Complex Systems Analysis. In addition, I worked as a consultant sustainable heating systems at InEnergie.

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