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Louis Leestemaker

Louis Leestemaker
senior researcher/consultant

A sustainable transport system requires clear regulation, availability of sustainable fuels, availability of the right information and the right financial incentives.

About Louis

I am a researcher/consultant with CE Delft’s Mobility & Transport sector. The structural change needed for a sustainable transport system is the focus of my work. Clear regulation, the right financial incentives, availability of sustainable fuels and availability of the right information are all prerequisites for a sustainable transport system. By contributing to these prerequisites I help improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of current and future policy. The main focus of my work is on sustainable aviation.

I graduated inTheoretical Physics at Utrecht University, with a specialisation in Complex Systems Analysis. In addition, I worked as a consultant sustainable heating systems at InEnergie.

Rapporten waar Louis Leestemaker auteur is

Effects of the Sustainable Mobility Programme. Calculations on regional policy package of MRDH (Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague)
May 2023
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