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Lynn Snijder

Lynn Snijder
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Lynn has been a medior research/consultant with CE Delft’s Supply Chain Analysis division since October 2018. Lynn studied Future Planet Studies (BSc) and Urban Environmental Management (MSc), with a focus on environmental systems analysis. Since joining CE Delft she has specialized in translating environmental analyses into practical policy. Her main focus is on making the huge range of consumer products (aka ‘stuff’) more sustainable. Her projects in this realm have included calculating the footprint of the operations of Dutch government agencies, including Rijkswaterstaat, the Directorate-General for Public Works & Water Manage¬ment, assessing the footprint reduction facilitated by Marktplaats, the leading Dutch online firm for trade in second-hand goods, and estimating the footprint of the average Dutch citizen for Studio Babette Porcelijn. In each case she set out practical steps for reducing environmental impact. Thanks to her skills as a trainer, gained at UWC Nederland, she uses a range of interactive methods to achieve these goals.

Rapporten waar Lynn Snijder auteur is

Climate impact of reusable and single-use specula. Life cycle assessment (LCA) screening for UMC Utrecht
October 2022
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Single-use or reusable parturition set? An environmental comparison for UMC Utrecht
October 2021
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Replacement versus repair after damage. An environmental comparison for three common cases
February 2021
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