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Marisa Korteland

Marisa Korteland
senior researcher/consultant
About Marisa

Having graduated cum laude as a general and business economist, Marisa is well-versed in considering issues from the perspectives of government, industry and consumers. She also has an additional master’s in environmental economics. Marisa has been working at CE Delft since 2007 and has built up a wealth of experience in project leadership, environmental economics studies in all their facets, independent work in multidisciplinary teams, maintaining relations with project principals and stakeholders, giving presentations, and writing/editing reports and articles.

Her main areas of expertise are social cost-benefit analyses (SCBAs), shadow-price calculation and application of CO2 pricing. In the past few years she’s also worked on a number of ex-post and ex-ante policy reviews of renewable energy subsidy schemes, the European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) and climate compensation, among other issues.

Marisa is particularly interested in quantitative analyses. She recently completed a post-graduate course on Big Data Analysis.

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