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Nanda Naber

Nanda Naber
senior researcher/consultant
About Nanda

Given the climate targets we’re faced with, using natural gas for space heating is no longer a viable option in the longer term. So what are the alternatives? Where can which technologies be used? My work involves numerous analyses to find answers to these questions, both for local authorities seeking to green the heat systems in their municipality and for national government and international government agencies wanting advice about the policies they can implement in this field. In the projects I work on I also use my know-how on potential heat sources and use of wind and solar for power generation.

Besides studies on the Heat Transition Vision, I’m also working on greening business parks. Here, the first step is to quantify the amount of energy consumed on the various sites. Taking this as a reference, I then analyse the options for reducing the environmental footprint, via both savings on electricity and gas (and auto-generation) and a complete switch to a sustainable heat supply.

I’ve been working at CE Delft since 2014 and have built up extensive knowledge on the energy transition. Before that I worked for eighteen months at NIBE, where I gained practical experience in LCA studies. My background is a Civil Engineering degree at Delft University of Technology, where I specialised in Building Engineering.

My fields of expertise are: Energy systems in the urban environment | Renewable heat sources | Renewable power generation | Renewable business parks | Circular economy

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