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Pelle Sinke researcher/consultant

Today's food system has a major impact on climate, nitrogen emissions and land and water use. That system can be made far more sustainable! Some of my research at CE Delft is on innovative proteins like cultured meat.

Bettina Kampman manager Energy & Fuels | team leader Sustainable Industry

How can we ensure our energy supply and industry are made sustainable over the coming decades, that we have enough electricity, heat and transport fuels at affordable prices without jeopardising our climate?

Cor Leguijt manager Energy & Fuels | team leader Clean Gases

As a physicist I enjoy breaking down big, complex problems into discrete processes with stepwise decision points, giving policy-makers and politicians concrete angles with which they can work.

Katja Kruit senior researcher/consultant | theme leader Built Environment

Since 2017 I’ve been with CE Delft, where my work is varied and challenging, thanks to the wide-ranging topics and clients. What motivates me most is a desire to make a concrete contribution to a sustainable world.

Jasper Faber manager Mobility & Transport | theme leader Maritime Shipping

My job is to analyse policy instruments for improving the environmental performance of aviation and maritime shipping. I thrive on assisting policy makers in the design of policy instruments that yield maximum environmental benefits at least economic cost.

Isabel Nieuwenhuijse researcher/consultant

I enjoy researching the environmental aspect of innovations to identify scope for improvements and see how these can be implemented, in material and product procurement, for example.

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