Renewable Transport Fuels

Fossil fuels still dominate the fuel mix, but climate targets demand a steady increase of the share of renewable energy in transport. CE Delft has extensive expertise on this challenging issue, where technology and policy meet high ambitions.

Because of price differentials, growth of renewable energy is still overly dependent on government policy. CE Delft is equally at home on national policy (e.g. mandatory reporting for companies) and European policy (e.g. Renewable Energy and Fuel Quality directives) and provides research and consulting services on use of renewable fuels in road transport, aviation and maritime shipping.

Key fields of expertise

  • Effective and cost-efficient use of renewable fuels
  • Infrastructure and production capacity
  • Relationships with vehicle park trends and vehicle parameters
  • Biomass availability and sustainability criteria
  • Investment outlay and user costs

What can CE Delft do for you?

Policy analysis and policy development

CE Delft helps national and European government estimate the impact of policy measures and policy targets and design effective policy instruments.

Sustainability debate

We help companies translate national and international legislation into a corporate vision with sustainability criteria to match. For NGOs, both Dutch and European, we identify sustainability risks and alternative policy options.

Scenario studies and roadmaps

We develop and run scenarios and design roadmaps, helping both private and public parties prepare for tomorrow’s fuel mix.

Route comparison

Many of our clients ask us to compare routes, and we help by developing factsheets and providing emission factors and other indices. We also develop tools for CO2 calculation and LCA analysis.

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