Sustainable Heat

Slowly but surely the transitioning of the built environment is starting to take shape. By the end of 2021 all Dutch municipalities are to have finalised a Heat Transition Vision and started rolling out Neighbourhood Implementation Plans. CE Delft supports municipalities, housing corporations, grid operators and other stakeholders in these processes.

When it comes to sustainable heat, CE Delft delivers research and consulting services on the available options, from individual buildings to entire neighbourhoods, from private to collective, from technologies to costs and policies. Particularly important in this area: CE Delft’s consultants have a good feel for the political and social forces playing out at the municipal level.

For many years now we’ve been providing support on complex heating issues in the built environment and greenhouse horticulture, on zero-gas heating systems and the transition to green, climate-neutral alternatives. We’re well-versed in all the technical options for reducing heat demand (improving energy efficiency) and meeting the remaining demand with heat pumps, heat grids, hybrid variants, green gases and many other innovations.

What can CE Delft do for you?

Local advice

We have a wealth of experience advising municipalities on energy, transport, waste and climate policy. Our strength is that we look at energy, economy and policy in an integrated manner. We translate national policy to local solutions.

CEGOIA analysis

We use the CEGOIA model to support local and regional authorities, housing corporations, energy companies and grid operators in their choices in the heat transition, based on analyses at the neighbourhood, local and regional level.

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CE Delft created the Vesta-MAIS model used by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, PBL. We work on the latest developments in the heat field, such as novel generating, storage and distribution technologies, and have developed new tools, like our model for calculating end-user heat transition costs.

Reports about ‘Sustainable Heat

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