Environmental Economy

All too often, economic activity contributes to climate change, biodiversity loss, air pollution and other environmental impacts, which in turn mean a loss of economic welfare. Policies to alleviate these impacts can lead to costs for firms and citizens alike, but they can also create job opportunities and innovation. Our research and consulting services on this theme are concerned above all with doing the sums on these and similar interactions between the economy and the environment, a key element of which is putting a price on environmental damage.

By means of economic analyses and impact assessments CE Delft calculates the cost of environmental policies to companies and citizens as well as the impacts on economic growth, employment and emissions. Besides standard tools like cost-benefit analysis, we also use more advanced economic models like E3ME or GTAP, as required.

Key fields of expertise

What can CE Delft do for you?

Advice on environmental prices

CE Delft advises government and industry on using environmental prices to assess the impact of pollution on economic welfare in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

Tools for environmental prices

Environmental prices are euro-per-kilogram indices for individual pollutants representing the cost of their impacts to society.

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Reports about ‘Environmental Economy

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October 2023
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October 2023
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