Raw Material Supply Chains

CE Delft analyses the environmental footprint of raw materials, products and waste streams, using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to work out how best to reduce it step by step, advising government, industry and NGOs alike.

CE Delft has extensive experience in environmental comparisons of packaging. We perform LCAs of plastics and recycling. We’ve done numerous studies on chemical recycling of plastics, supporting the Dutch government on policy development. We’re closely involved in assessing the effectiveness of packaging deposits

Key fields of expertise

  • Environmental and economic analysis of raw materials and supply chains
  • Key concepts of the circular economy
  • Raw material-consuming sectors (metals, construction, concrete, plastics, chemicals, packaging), waste and recycling
  • Chemical recycling of plastics

What can CE Delft do for you?

Research and consultancy on supply chain management

We calculate the environmental footprint of raw material supply chains and advise on improvements to the entire chain.

Life Cycle Assessment

An LCA study provides insight into the environmental footprint of a product or service, from raw materials extraction, production processes, transport and use through to disposal and any reprocessing. We can compare individual products or assess the environmental footprint of an entire sector.

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LCA Tools

CE Delft regularly develops interactive LCA tools for calculating the environmental impact of (your) products. These tools provide a simple route to objective product comparison, which is why they are used in tendering procedures (read more) and by manufacturers wishing to compare products. Read more on LCAs here.

Interactive improvement processes

CE Delft regularly facilitates brainstorming sessions on improvement plans and provides input on what policy changes can accelerate the sustainability transition.

Reports about ‘Raw Material Supply Chains

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