Sustainable Urban Mobility

Increasingly, towns and cities are looking for ways to combine reliable accessibility with sustainability. Besides their knowledge of mobility and logistics, CE Delft’s specialists have in-depth know-how on (transport) economics and technology as well as extensive knowledge of fuels and renewable energy.

To achieve sustainable mobility means adopting an integrated approach across various policy areas: cycling policy, public transport, parking policy, transport chains, urban logistics, event traffic protocols, workplace policies, electric vehicles and low-emission zones, to name a few. Besides COemissions reduction, air quality, noise nuisance, safety, accessibility and spatial planning are also involved.

Thanks to its independent position, extensive know-how and wide experience, CE Delft offers clients robust analysis and advice, creating insight into current and future trends.

We deliver solutions for every aspect and phase of the transition to sustainable mobility.

Key fields of expertise

  • Active mobility and innovative transport concepts
  • The broader perspective: spatial planning, the economy and so on
  • Process issues

What can CE Delft do for you?

Analysis of the mobility system

We provide forward-looking analyses of the mobility system under different scenarios.

Assessing policy efficacy

We use ‘mobility scans’ to calculate the impacts of specific measures.

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs)

Where can progress on sustainability be made and what are the gains? We tackle the challenge in an integrated manner, including process improvements. For our analyses we use benchmarks and systems comparisons.

Advice on influencing behaviour

We’ve conducted a number of studies on steering urban mobility by influencing behaviour.

Process guidance

We also have extensive experience with process guidance. By bringing together policy-makers and administrators, for example, or facilitating intermunicipal collaboration, we endeavour to ensure our recommendations enjoy broad support.

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