Transport Economics

Our work on this theme centres around economic analyses of the transport and mobility sector. CE Delft can deliver research and consultancy on external and infrastructure costs, the cost-effectiveness and design of pricing instruments, the cost-effectiveness of technical measures and government policy, and broader economic impacts, on employment, for example.

Over the past 20 years CE Delft has built up extensive expertise on these issues. We carry out robust applied research and consultancy projects for a wide range of national and international clients.

Key fields of expertise

  • External transport costs (environmental impacts, traffic safety, congestion, etc.)
  • Pricing policy
  • Integration of technical, economic, environmental and policy know-how

What can CE Delft do for you?

Advice on pricing policy

CE Delft advises clients on pricing policy, including design of vehicle taxes, subsidies and emissions trading schemes. We also calculate the costs and impacts of such measures (on the environment, traffic volumes and structure, private incomes, traffic safety, etc.).

Policy analysis

CE Delft analyses the cost-effectiveness of transport and infrastructure policies from the perspective of government finance, users or society as a whole. We also perform ex-post policy reviews, impact assessments and social cost-benefit analyses.

Studies on external infrastructure costs

Both nationally and internationally, CE Delft is the leading expert on quantifying the external and infrastructure costs of transport, using the latest methods and indices. We can also advise on the most efficient and effective ways of internalising these costs.

Cost curves

We elaborate cost curves for comparing CO2 emission reduction costs.

Tools and models

We use a variety of tools and models (e.g. the DYNAMO environmental price database for transport). For Total Cost of Ownership analyses we use our in-house TCO model COSTREAM.

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