Sustainable Industry

Industry is a key motor of the economy but often a major emitter of greenhouse gases and air pollutants. Here, particularly, climate targets and the drive towards a circular economy present huge challenges. CE Delft provides research and consultancy services to meet these challenges.       

Industries are developing ever more concrete plans to reduce CO2 emissions, whether Individually or in clusters. Increasingly, too, they’re using the carbon footprint of their processes and products to steer company operations – not only in pursuit of their own green ambitions and demand from customers, but also because it can reduce costs and improve competitiveness.

CE Delft supports these ambitions using our expertise on industrial processes, supply chains, infrastructure and national and European policy. With a well-developed network of companies, government agencies and research institutes to consult, we deliver robust, realistic solutions. One of our strengths is identifying options to improve efficiency and reduce emissions through cooperation with adjacent companies. We can advise you on innovative options to make your energy consumption and feedstock use more sustainable – options that are often prove surprisingly realistic.

Key fields of expertise

What can CE Delft do for you?

Analysis of greener options

We identify the technical possibilities and innovations and analyse costs, CO2 reduction potential and infrastructure implications for various options.

CO2 reduction plans

We identify promising sustainability options for individual companies and industrial clusters, compare measures and develop a concrete, actionable roadmap for the short and medium term.

CO2 footprints and Life Cycle Assessment

We quantify the environmental impacts of production chains (or constituent links) and calculate CO2 footprints.


We provide tailormade training on national and international climate policy, the energy and feedstock transition and the new technologies involved.

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