Food Chains

The food system faces one single challenge: get sustainable! This means production with lower carbon and nitrogen emissions, less biodiversity impacts, more vegetarian diets and equitable product prices.

CE Delft conducts environmental analyses of foodstuffs and advises on concrete improvements, analysing both environmental and economic impacts. We support government, industry and NGOs with research and consultancy, on issues all the way through from production to final consumption. Topics our interdisciplinary team works on include product and company analyses, economic instruments and policy advice.

Key fields of expertise

  • Innovative technologies and greener production
  • The protein transition
  • External costs
  • Phosphate recovery
  • Waste processing
  • Circularity

What can CE Delft do for you?

Policy advice and reviews

Combining our know-how on substance and policy, both national and European, CE Delft can provide robust advice on concrete policies to reduce the impact of our eating habits. We also have wide experience with ex post policy reviews.

Life Cycle Assessment

We use LCA to quantify the environmental footprint of food supply chains, from production of crops and agricultural inputs, processing, transport and consumption through to food waste.

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LCA Tools

CE Delft regularly develops interactive LCA tools for calculating the environmental impact of (your) products. These tools provide a simple route to objective product comparison, which is why they are used in tendering procedures (read more) and by manufacturers wishing to compare products. Read more on LCAs here.

Reports about ‘Food Chains

Pay as you eat dairy, eggs and meat. Internalising external costs of animal food products in France, Germany and the EU27
March 2023
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External catering costs. Part 2: The environmental costs of catering in three company restaurants
March 2023
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Ex‑ante life cycle assessment of commercial‑scale cultivated meat production in 2030
January 2023
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