About CE Delft

Committed to the environment

Through its independent research and consultancy work CE Delft is helping build a sustainable world. In the fields of transport, energy and resources our expertise is leading-edge. With our wealth of know-how on economics, technology and policy issues we support government agencies, NGOs and industries in pursuit of structural change. For more than 45 years now, the skills and enthusiasm of CE Delft’s staff have been devoted to achieving this mission.


With the research and consultancy it offers, CE Delft aims to furnish its clients with a better and broader understanding of environmental issues and the wider issue of sustainable development. In doing so, we combine technological and economic expertise with insight gained through years of experience with both the commercial and political process, and more broadly with processes of change. We take on commissions from clients with widely diverging interests, from major industries to environmental organisations. We deliver fundamental, long-term solutions as well as customised advice for implementation right now.

Our qualities

Every CE Delft project is geared to practical results. Whether trained in engineering, economics, philosophy or environmental science, every one of CE Delfts 80 staff is keen to see their work lead to real change. That requires professionalism, creativity and the audacity to sometimes tackle problems in unorthodox ways. In pursuit of tangible results, dedication and effort are never in short supply.

Established in 1978 as a not-for-profit organisation, CE Delft remains financially independent and unsubsidised to this day. A wide range of clients – government, industry and NGOs, Dutch as well as international – have already found their way to CE Delft. They recognise the organisation’s expertise and experience and prize its independent attitude.

The team

We cherish our staff and their creativity, our independence and in-depth analysis, the network we maintain and our open and informal working atmosphere, all of which constitute key elements of our business relations. We’re proud of our specialist know-how and the consultancy skills we use to tackle environmental issues head on. The skills and specialist knowledge we have at our disposal run from economics to environmental science, from engineering to sociology and through to the art of consultancy. Although our main focus is on the more persistent, long-term environmental problems, this in no way implies a blind spot for issues like local environmental quality, if that is a pre-condition for the changes required. And if we find ourselves lacking appropriate expertise, we seek collaboration with like-minded professionals at other agencies, universities or institutes.

Richard Kooloos
Lonneke Wielders
senior researcher/consultant | director Internal Organisation


Richard: Since mid-2024, I have had the privilege of leading teams of passionate professionals with profound expertise in sustainability as director of CE Delft. My drive is to make an impact and contribute to a just transition. Through CE Delft’s highly rigorous and independent research, we influence the choices made by our clients and other stakeholders. In this way, we contribute to better-informed policies, strategies, and more effective implementation. We achieve this with a group of dedicated analytical people, and we strive to be a good employer for them.

Lonneke: I have worked for CE Delft since 2006 and was appointed Director of Internal Operations in 2020. In this position, two core values of CE Delft converge. There is plenty of room for personal and professional development, which in turn drives my passion and motivation for contributing to a sustainable society. We strive to maintain our open culture of mutual respect, understanding, and empathy, despite our growing organisation. These values, together with the passion and drive of my colleagues, make CE a wonderful organisation to work for.


CE Delft is a private limited company with all shares held by Stichting CE. The foundation and the board play no role in the day-to-day activities of CE Delft, neither in the acquisition of new assignments nor in the execution thereof. The foundation serves as both shareholder and advisor to the director. No dividend is paid to the shareholders; instead, the profits are reinvested into our mission. Shares can only be sold with the approval of both the director and the works council.
The board of Stichting CE Delft is comprised of five members who are asked to serve in a personal capacity. People from a wide variety of backgrounds are asked to serve on the board.