The energy transition demands far-reaching changes in our energy supply. CE Delft advises clients based on robust know-how on all the many aspects of that transition, built up over decades of experience. It’s abundantly clear that a full switch to renewables will have huge consequences for the entire energy system.

Key fields of expertise

  • Transition to renewable energy sources
  • Modification of energy infrastructure
  • Flexibility and systems integration
  • demand and renewable capacity
  • Policy and societal consequences

What can CE Delft do for you?

Advice on energy chains

CE Delft has in-depth knowledge of technical solutions for each link in the various energy chains: generation, flexibilization, infrastructure and end-user demand. Our consultancy covers technical, economic and social aspects and helps clients develop effective policies.

Scenarios, models and tools

We excel in scenario development and quantitative analysis of the opportunities and barriers at play in the energy transition, using tools and models built on our expertise on the wide-ranging issues it involves.


With the CEGRID model we analyse the implications of future energy scenarios (combining energy efficiency, renewables, electric vehicles, heat pumps, storage, etc.) for the power grid.

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