The drive to green our energy systems and economy involves a wide range of technologies. New technologies are needed to reduce the cost of renewable energy so it can replace fossil sources on an ever greater scale. The growing output of renewable wind and solar needs to be dovetailed into our energy system, requiring energy storage technologies as well as smart grids, renewable fuels and smart strategies for matching energy supply and demand. In every sector of the economy innovation is underway to use more energy ever more efficiently. The transition from fossil resources to biomass requires new technologies, as do CO2 capture, storage and useful application.


What can CE Delft do for you?

At CE Delft we have in-depth know-how on all these issues, which we gladly combine with our policy expertise. Many of our staff have a technical background as engineers, physicists or chemists, guaranteeing solid technical underpinning of all our studies and consultancy. We’re therefore happy to support you in tackling any technological issues you face with respect to sustainability and the energy transition. Possibilities include:

  • Future projections for individual technologies
  • Future projections for sectoral sustainability
  • Assessing the technical potential for greening a region or municipality
  • Site-specific energy scans
  • Calculation of business cases and returns on investment
  • Life cycle assessments for comparing the sustainability of alternatives
  • Policy reviews and advice to government agencies