Transport mobility is an indispensable feature of today’s world, but the transportation of people and freight also creates a number of problems in the form of:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change.
  • Air pollutant emissions, damaging local environments and human health.
  • Noise production, causing nuisance and affecting human health.
  • Substantial land use requirements, fragmenting habitats and reducing biodiversity.
  • Issues of traffic safety (including accident-related injuries).

CE Delft’s work on Transport & Traffic is concerned with analysing how the benefits of mobility can be retained while tackling these problems. To this end we use our extensive knowledge of the costs and environmental impacts of transport modes and fuels. We also have considerable expertise on external costs and transport infrastructure costs, and how government policies affect the transport choices of citizens and businesses alike.

Our field of operations is broad: from public transport to international aviation, and from diesel to biofuels, electric vehicles and hydrogen. As researchers, we translate technical and economic opportunities for improving environmental performance into concrete policy recommendations. As consultants, we are specialists in conceiving and designing policy tools like standards and charges, as well as on emissions trading and pricing policies. One of the key elements of this work is to assess the (cost-)effectiveness of policies. We have many years of experience in involving stakeholder organisations and working alongside them. We also regularly develop tools, dashboards and monitors for both government and industry.