EU ETS and research by CE Delft

The EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) is since 2005 the European Union’s main policy instrument for reducing carbon emissions. For years CE Delft is active in this area and has published a number of studies on the operation and economic impacts of the EU ETS.

CE Delft disposes over a unique combination of know-how on economics and process technology coupled with extensive databases. We specialise in explaining how the ETS impacts industry, households and the national economy, employing both ex-ante and ex-post policy studies.

  • In-house database 16,000 ETS installations in Europa; 99.6% of emissions are detailed according to statistical NACE4 code and legal ownership
  • Coupling Eurostat databases at NACE-4 level and PRODCOM (8 digit). Analysis, by country and year, of the contribution of individual ETS companies to sectoral CO2 emissions (some industry segments are non-ETS)
  • Coupling with specific price information on products of energy-intensive sectors
  • Ex-post and ex-ante economic policy studies, research methodologies like impact assessments, cost-benefit analyses
  • High-level methods in econometrics and LCA
  • Specialised know-how on engineering and sectoral CO2 abatement options and costs