Alternative fuels and drivetrains for mobility. An overview of know-how for the Province of Utrecht

The Climate Agreement states that regional governments must draw up Regional Mobility Programmes (RMPs) to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions from the mobility sector. For the elaboration of the RMP, the province of Utrecht has asked CE Delft to prepare a knowledge document with an up-to-date overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the various alternative energy carriers and drive technologies. Energy carriers include biofuels, hydrogen and electricity. Alternative propulsion technologies include battery electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles. This knowledge document compares the environmental performance of different combinations of vehicle types, energy carriers and drive technologies. In addition, it describes relevant European and the national government developments that will affect the province and that should be taken into account in provincial policy. In this way, the province hopes that the initiatives already underway for sustainable energy carriers in mobility, such as the installation of charging infrastructure, the hydrogen covenant and the Clean Energy Hubs, will be better aligned with future developments.