AMA Heat-Cold – Grand Design 2.0

In Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA) 37 partners are cooperating on implementing a vision for sustainable heat and cold supply in the built environment. One concrete step in this context was to update AMA’s ‘Grand Design for Heat-Cold’ with new information and insights. This update was supported by CE Delft in terms of substance in collaboration with APPM (process management) and Generation.Energy (spatial planning aspects).

In ‘Grand Design 2.0’ the initial situation in the area in question – heat sources, heat demand, suitable temperature levels – was inventoried using the latest knowledge and data. Local perspectives for action were also further elaborated, so the transition can speeded up by developing and implementing concrete projects. For different types of area, differentiated approaches were identified to dovetail local heat projects into a regional strategy.

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In collaboration with APPM and Generation.Energy

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