An inventory of market supply of low-emission passenger buses

To encourage the taxi branch to switch to more efficient vehicles, on 18 December, 2018 the Dutch Upper House voted to abolish reimbursement of the vehicle purchase tax (BPM) for taxis and care transport on 1 January, 2020. With this tax reform, zero-emission vehicles remain exempt from BPM, while CO2-emitting vehicles are subject to an emission-indexed BPM.

Earlier this year CE Delft examined the availability of zero-emission wheelchair and passenger minibuses as part of a wider study for the Taxi Social Fund (SFT). The present report, prepared for the ministry of Finance, updates and expands on the earlier market exploration of the SFT study. Besides the availability of fully electric minibuses, this exploration also looks at the availability of hydrogen-fuelled buses, hybrid buses, alternatively fuelled buses and super-efficient diesel buses.