Background data for electricity labelling 2012

Since 1 January 2005 power suppliers in the Netherlands have been under obligation to indicate the source of their electricity. CE Delft has determined the Dutch supply mix in 2012. It is dominated by power generated using natural gas (45%), part of which involves cogeneration (31%), part not (14%). Next on the list is renewably sourced power (29%), although most of this derives from the import of certificates. Electricity from coal-fired plant accounts for 19% and nuclear power for 5%. As with renewables, much of the nuclear-sourced power is imported to the Netherlands. Electricity from waste, fuel oil and ‘miscellaneous sources’ accounts for only a very small share of the Dutch mix. In terms of CO2 emissions and radioactive waste, the environmental impact of the supply mix  is 321 g CO2/KWh and 0.0001 g nuclear waste/KWh.


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