Background data for electricity labelling 2013

Since 1 January 2005 all the electricity used in the Netherlands must be labelled as to its origin, and against this background CE Delft determined the Dutch electricity mix in 2013. The mix is dominated by electricity generated using natural gas (39%), some with cogeneration (27%), some without (12%). This is followed by renewably sourced power (35%), though it should be noted that most of this derives from the import of certificates. Power from coal-fuelled plants accounts for 19%, and nuclear for 5%. As with the renewably sourced power, much of the nuclear in the Dutch electricity mix is imported. Electricity from waste, fuel oil and ‘other sources’ accounts for only a minor fraction of the national mix. In terms of CO2 and radioactive waste, the environmental footprint of the Dutch supply mix is 300 g CO2/KWh and 0.0001 g nuclear waste/KWh.