Blue Hydrogen: Beyond the Plant Gate

In light of the need to address pertinent knowledge gaps related to the key aspects of blue (CCS-abated) hydrogen deployment, IEAGHG commissioned two parallel blue hydrogen studies. These studies are:

Although there are proven hydrogen production technologies derived from organic feedstocks, hydrogen production from oil and oil-based products (which could represent an additional and interesting source for hydrogen production and provide potential blue hydrogen price reductions) has not been fully explored to date. Consequently, IEAGHG commissioned a study entitled  “Blue Hydrogen – Beyond the Plant Gate”, with the aim of providing a comparative analysis of technologies for blue hydrogen production (i.e hydrogen derived from fossil fuels and associated CCS) from oil and oil-based feedstocks, as well as the supply chain implications.

To address key knowledge gaps in blue hydrogen production pathways, this study was conducted in parallel with a second study “Low-Carbon Hydrogen from Natural Gas: Global Roadmap”which focusses on the technical, economic, and environmental impact of hydrogen production pathways from natural gas, with associated CCS.