Blue Hydrogen: Beyond the Plant Gate

In light of the need to address pertinent knowledge gaps with regards to the key aspects of blue (CCS-abated) hydrogen deployment, IEAGHG commissioned two parallel blue hydrogen studies. These studies are:

In spite of the well-established hydrogen production technologies from organic feedstocks, hydrogen production from oil and oil-based products (which could represent an additional and interesting source of production of hydrogen and bring forth potential cost reductions in the blue hydrogen price) has not been fully explored to date. Consequently, IEAGHG commissioned a study entitled  “Blue Hydrogen – Beyond the Plant Gate”’ with the aim of producing a comparative analysis of blue hydrogen production (that is hydrogen derived from fossil fuels and associated CCS) technologies from oil and oil-based feedstocks as well as the supply chain implication.

To address key knowledge gaps in blue hydrogen production pathways, this study was conducted in parallel with a second study “Low-Carbon Hydrogen from Natural Gas: Global Roadmap”which focusses on the technical, economic, and environmental impact of hydrogen production routes from natural gas with associated CCS.