Building material to isolate the recession

On September 9, 2009 the European Commission (DG EMPL) organised an expert workshop on the question how the EU can emerge stronger from the recession by applying economic recovery programmes to tackle the crisis, but also address structural enhancement in terms of sustainability, employment and social cohesion. CE Delft provided input for this workshop, on the topic of the Build Environment. In a general analysis for the EU as a whole we analysed (1) which measures could be taken, and (2) which type of policy instruments can be applied best.
The conclusions were as follows. To emerge stronger from the recession, and regarding the built environment, it is best to focus on insulation of (existing) buildings en on decentralized production of renewable energy. This can be stimulated by subsidies and fiscal measures for the short time, but these measures should be part of a longer term programme that gradually shifts towards obligations and pricing schemes.


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