Calculation tool for bus emissions

To fulfil national and international reporting obligations, each year the Dutch Emissions Register creates a solid emissions dataset, including transport emissions (aviation, shipping and road). Establishing the emissions of buses is the job of the Traffic and Transport Taskforce. Until now, these emissions were based on partly outdated data on a single, universal category of buses. The Taskforce asked CE Delft to update and improve these data, specifically by distinguishing between public-transport buses and long-distance coaches. To this end, estimates were made of the Euroclass distribution of public-transport diesel buses and the respective road-type distributions for coaches and public-transport buses.

This study has yielded a detailed model of distances travelled, fuel consumption and emissions for coaches and buses from 1990 to 2013. The model can also be used for projections through to 2030, based on trends in the vehicle fleet (fleet renewal, number of new vehicles, etc.).


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