Central Netherlands Regional Mobility Programme (RMP Midden Nederland). Guidelines for municipalities and regions

Climate change is the single biggest challenge of the next decade. A challenge that needs to be tackled at all levels. Whether globally, through the UN Climate Agreements, at the European level, such as via the European Green Deal, or nationally, via the five-table Climate Agreements between public authorities and various other parties. The elaboration of these agreements takes place largely at the provincial and local levels. How? These analyses undertaken for the purpose of developing a Regional Mobility Programme (RMP) provide guidelines. Each area is different and in each area, the measures have a different impact. Every municipality is also different. This report therefore chose to look at the cost effectiveness and side effects of these measures for a broad set of 84 measures. This qualitative assessment does not yet say much about the potential of measures in the region. Therefore, potential CO2 emission reductions of measure types were also calculated for each municipality. This included a fact sheet for each municipality. Finally, we examined CO2 emission reductions of hypothetical packages of measures for the region. While the results of this study do not stipulate any measures, they provide a starting point for further discussion in the region based on various aggregations and calculations.