Climate adaptation: current status

The main aim of this study was to prepare a concise review of the ‘state of the art’ on adaptation to climate change. In addition, the specific know-how available at CE Delft for projects related to this topic was inventoried. An extensive literature study was carried out, addressing the following four questions: 

  1. What are the key issues in climate adaptation?
  2. What research and consultancy projects in this field have there been, are still running, or are scheduled in the Netherlands and the EU?
  3. What are the main climate impacts for the Netherlands as a whole and for the individual sectors transport, energy and urban environment?
  4. What adaptation measures are conceivable and/or are already being taken in the sectors transport (and transport infrastructure), energy (and energy infrastructure) and urban environment?

For each of these questions the relevant expertise available at CE Delft was also reviewed.


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