CO2 cuts resulting from implementation of Amsterdam’s air quality plan

Amsterdam has set itself the objective of reducing the city’s CO2 emissions by 40% relative to 1990 in the year 2025. In addition, the city has drawn up a list of fifty measures that are to be implemented so air quality standards can be met. The Amsterdam municipal authority has asked CE Delft to perform a ‘quick scan’ of the CO2 savings likely to result from implementing the air quality plan. A second question as to the impact of the generic national and international policies currently under development on the CO2 emissions of the transport sector was also answered.
To this end a shortlist of measures from the air quality plan was drawn up, using the following criteria to exclude certain measures:

  • No inclusion of measures addressing local air pollution hotspots
  • No inclusion of recently announced studies

For the generic measures it was next investigated whether these impinge on the following criteria for CO2 emissions reduction:

  • Volume reduction
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Use of biofuels