Comparing the Green Gold Label CO2 Calculation Methodology with the NTA8080 Standard

This report details the comparative analysis that CE Delft conducted of the NTA8080 and the Green Gold Label certification schemes. In order to provide a robust comparison of these two standards, a comparison of both the mathematical methodology for calculating greenhouse gas emissions, as well as a procedural comparison for certification has taken place. For a few of the GHG emissions balance equation terms, specific formulae or calculation methodologies could not be ascertained, however if exact CO2 reduction figures are communicated, the GGLS8 CO2 calculation method can be considered equal to the CO2 calculation method of the NTA8080. The minimum GHG emissions savings for each standard were found to be somewhat different. This discrepancy could result in the choice of one standard over the other in order to utilise a more ‘favourable’ minimum requirement. Finally, the certification rules for an independent certification organisation are similar, so the credibility of the figures can be considered to be equivalent.


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