Consideration of the role of speed limiters in light commercial vehicle CO2 regulation

The aim of this study is to gather information on the market for speed limiters and explore their potential for reducing CO2 emissions. The study examines not only traditional speed limiters but also more advanced ‘Intelligent Speed Adaptation’ (ISA) systems for new light commercial vehicles (LCVs).

The study reviews the current situation with regard to costs and enforcement (based on vehicle brochures and ‘mystery shopping’) and today’s market (interviews, data analysis and a survey of interested parties and member states). The competitiveness of LCVs relative to heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) is also considered. The report also models the impact of speed limiters on traffic safety and air-pollutant emissions. Finally, policy options for implementing speed limiters are reviewed, with international experiences also reported on.

The study, commissioned by the European Commission, was carried out by CE Delft, Transport & Mobility Leuven and TNO.


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