Costs and impacts of ‘Creating a Green Metropolis’

In its plan ‘Creating a Green Metropolis’, Friends of the Earth-Netherlands (FoE-NL, Milieudefensie) has set out an alternative and in their eyes more sustainable vision for improving accessibility in the Rotterdam region. Among the measures proposed are better and more robust public transport, good fast-biking lanes and road-pricing. At the same time FoE-NL recommends scrapping the plans for two major road projects: the A13/A16 and the Blankenburg Tunnel with a widening of the A20.

CE Delft has estimated the costs and environmental impacts of these proposals, Goudappel Coffeng the traffic impacts. The proposals will cost an estimated € 100 million less than the government’s current road-building plans. In terms of environmental impact, too, the FoE-NL proposals score better, with regional NOx emissions projected to decline by around 8.5% and CO2 emissions by around 11%. The calculations by Goudappel Coffeng indicate around 40% less congestion.


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