Degassing inventory for the Flevoland degassing ban

Following the provinces of Noord-Brabant, Zuid-Holland, Noord-Holland, Utrecht, Zeeland and Gelderland, Flevoland province is considering introducing a provincial ban on degassing by inland shipping vessels, in anticipation of an international treaty (CDNI1) on the issue. The ban would be enforced via a Provincial Environmental Ordinance. The Provincial Executive of Flevoland commissioned CE Delft to provide more detailed information on the number of degassing operations carried out annually in the province. Besides an estimate of current numbers, we also provide an indication of the amount of degassing that might potentially move to Flevoland once the recent bans in neighbouring provinces become effective. It may be financially appealing for vessels sailing south from Amsterdam to degas ‘free of charge’ in Flevoland rather than hook up to a dedicated degassing station.

This study provides insight into the extent of degassing and outlines the routes concerned. This is important data for understanding potential impacts on both public health and adjacent Natura 2000 areas.