DHL naturally

Since 2001 DHL Express Benelux has been a firm advocate of reducing the environmental burden of its activities within economic constraints, with the aim of improving performance vis-à-vis local environmental quality and sustainability. This study provides insight into the environmental burden of the Benelux operations of DHL Express and examines the basic conditions that need to be met for monitoring the firm’s changing environmental burden over time. In addition, the savings potential of various scenarios were analysed, focusing among other things on natural gas, biogas, Euro 5/EEV, tailpipe particle filters, hybrid vehicles and longer and heavier trucks. With respect to air quality improvement, there proves to be scope for reducing NOx and PM10 emissions significantly. There is less technological potential for cutting CO2 emissions. On the basis of this report the company will be making further strategic choices, to be included in its follow-up environmental strategy, ‘DHL Naturally’.