Eco-efficiency. From idea to operational concept*

Eco-efficiency: the eternal dream of nuclear fusion, or a concept holding out promise in the short term, too? The report ‘Eco-efficiency, from idea to operational concept’ answers this question, and it is in the affirmative: for industry, government and interest groups alike, there is a world to win with ‘eco-efficiency’. It is then essential that far-reaching objectives are adopted, however, for the measures implemented must serve as the first stepping stones on the road of change towards a sustainable system of production and consumption.

The report is in two parts: a literature study and a final report, which are available separately. The final report is the result of discussions with a panel of representatives of business and industry, which were supplemented by a series of working sessions held with all relevant stakeholders having an interest in eco-efficiency. On the basis of these discussions the concept of eco-efficiency was elaborated in greater detail, and consideration given to the part it can play in corporate policy, the scope for government to promote eco-efficiency, and the roles to be played by other stakeholders in this process. The results are described in the second part of this report.


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