Effective carbon rates: households, industry and mobility

In this brief report, prepared at the request of Friends of the Earth-Netherlands and Greenpeace, we publish carbon rates for the energy consumption of households, industry and mobility. This is a follow-up to an earlier carbon rates report drawn up by CE Delft for Friends of the Earth providing data on the amount paid by various categories household and industrial sectors for CO2 emissions: what does the polluter pay, in euro/tonne CO2 emission? In this new study we extend the scope of that curve, by including energy-related use of coal and oil by industry and by indicating what the polluter pays for the energy used for mobility, distinguishing:

  • petrol cars
  • diesel cars
  • diesel trucks
  • aviation
  • shipping.

The carbon rates show what the polluter will pay when the measures set out in the government’s Coalition Agreement are implemented. National negotiations are currently underway to establish a major Climate Agreement with all parties involved. Depending on how these discussions pan out, new policies are sure to be drawn up, which will affect the data presented in this report.